XBox Christmas 2003 Bundle Review

First and foremost, the price of this X-Box Bundle is the same price as an X-Box itself, so if you are going to purchase an X-Box this 2003 Christmas, you may as well purchase this one. This bundle comes with the X-Box system, which not only play X-Box games, but it can also record about 10 hours of music from your CD collection and it can play DVDs (unfortunately you need to purchase an additional DVD remote specifically made for the X-Box). One plus about the X-Box system is that you do not need to purchase any memory cards. The system comes with only one controller, an “S” controller. What “S” means is small. The original X-Box controllers are rather large and heavy, making it very difficult for kids to play, however the “S” controller is smaller, perfect for kids. Unfortunately with the smaller design the buttons are laid out differently, the “start” and “back” buttons are not in the middle, they are on the left side with the directional pad. The “black” and “white” buttons are no longer in rows with the other buttons, instead they are beneath the other buttons. Next there are two games included with the bundle. Rather poor games that I would have said the manufacturer is trying to get rid of, but both games are included in one case and both games are on the same disc! The first game is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a game that starts during the rescue of Skywalker from the Gladiator arena (scene from the movie) and then beyond where the movie ends. This is a good game, and I am not a Star Wars fan. The game goes in mission based campaigns that range from huge land battles, and single duels to hover tank convoy missions and galactic star shooting battles. The action is fast, furious, and the graphics could not be better. The gameplay is very smooth with easy controls. The only downside is this is a teen game, because it can get quite difficult. As for the second game, Tetris Worlds, this is virtually the same as it has always been. Tetris has been out since 1989, it’s a wholesome puzzle game for everyone, where blocks fall and you must position the blocks into rows. When you make a row of blocks, the blocks fade away if the blocks stack to the top, then you lose. The music and graphics are nice, but after Tetris has been available for nearly every game system this is nothing that any gamer can get excited about. Finally, there are two months of “X-Box Live” service, which is a service where players can play against other players. Yet again there is a catch, you must have a Broadband Internet connection. For this being called the “X-Box Live Bundle” it lacks the “X-Box Live Headset” so you can talk with other players while playing against them via X-Box live.

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