WWE Raw PC Review

This is the same exact game that came out 18 months ago for the X-Box. To prove it, the game still uses WWF and not WWE. The roster was not updated, so its still the roster from late 2001. There is no story mode (Road to Wrestlemania), instead there are championship modes where you need to go through 12 wrestlers to get a title shot. The Raw arena is the ONLY arena and there are no backstage areas. Nor is there any real hardcore action, because even though there are 100s of weapons, these weapons are helmets, tables, jack-o-lanterns, chairs, bandanas and so on. The wrestlers do not bleed at all, not even with a code! There is a pretty deep create-a-wrestler feature, however you can only create 16 wrestlers even though this is a PC game! There is no RVD, Mysterio, Booker T and so on, however there is Rhyno, Spike, X-Pac, Credible and Haku. There are very few modes, exhibition and the king of the ring tournament. There are no table matches, ironman matches, or 6 man tag matches (even though the game lets 6 wrestlers in the ring at the same time). At least all of the titles are in the game that were in the WWF in 2001, Hardcore, Heavyweight, Light-Heavyweight, European, Women’s, and Intercontinental. The play is very unbalanced, such as the Rock and the Undertaker can undoubtedly beat up K-Kwik and Taka, so there is no chance raising a new star! Another detail to the game is the new stamina bar, where your wrestler will get *winded* the more he runs and does power moves. So Rhyno cannot do gore after gore, because he would get tired. With there being a stamina bar, there is also a *voltage* bar, which is basically one long bar that determines who is winning and when you can do finishing maneuvers. The controls are unique, where you have an attack, grapple, block and action button. The attack button is capable of several attacks, such as hold up and press the attack button will do a dropkick, hold down and press the attack it will be a kick or a punch. It?s the same with the grapple button. The action button can do anything from perform a taunt, pin an opponent, pick up weapons, put on clothes and climb the turnbuckle. The graphics and sound are amazing, but what fun is the game if there are no modes to keep you interested in?

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