Metroid Fusion Game Boy Advance Review

For those who have not played a Metroid before, it’s a side scrolling sci-fi adventure that takes you through an incredible world and the way you get through this world is with your gun that can be powered up by missiles, charges and bombs. For those who have played a Metroid game before, Samus (Metroid’s heroine) has been infected by a parasite. A parasite that has now infected everything on board a space lab! A lab is not exactly a world; in fact it is blatantly divided into eight levels. Samus is lucky though, because she is already infected, so every mutated monster that she reverts to its normal self (by shooting it), the parasite leaves the body, where Samus can catch the parasite for energy or a replenishment of missiles, but if she does not, the parasite can fly around to find another creature to mutate. Basically enemies can indeed come back to life. There are an entirely new cast of enemies, monsters and bosses, but the most interesting enemy is a clone of Samus that follows just a step behind! The game is very straight forward, there are many features for Game Boy Advance, such as save points are everywhere, there are places to fill up your energy all the way, and everything is easy to find because of navigation rooms that make a map and mark where you should go, so that way it keeps the game moving forward. Its great Metroid fun with an entirely new cast of enemies, a new mission, blatant levels of the game, but still with Metroid secrets.

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