Gauntlet Dark Legacy Game Boy Advance Review

This is true Gauntlet insanity! Gauntlet is a game that is just that; a gauntlet. You are one of four heroes (archer, barbarian, Viking, or sorcerer) sent on a quest (I have no idea what that quest is), that you must enter a labyrinth (you see a bird’s eye view) and work your way from the start point to the exit that takes you to the next labyrinth by any means necessary. So why is this game a gauntlet? There are enemy houses in the labyrinth, and when you see them they begin producing enemies and they do not stop until you destroy the house itself. There are specific houses for each enemy (scorpions, ghosts, wizards, grunts and more). The enemies are easily destroyed either with your long-range attack (archer is the best for this) or the close range attack (barbarian is the best for this). There are enemies such as Minotaurs, rock monsters and death itself, which walk through the labyrinth without being made by a house. There are power-ups throughout the labyrinth, such as a variety of food, magic potions, and keys to unlock doors and treasure chests. So why would anyone play this game? The person who plays this game needs an incredible challenge, because you are far and beyond outnumbered! This game is not for everyone!

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