The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC Review

Imagine your perfect epic RPG where you see directly what the character sees. What would your perfect RPG have, would you want to be a guard, soldier, warrior, adventurer, pilgrim, healer, mage, sorcerer, wizard, thief, murderer, thug, miner, killer, vampire, demon, unimaginable creature, should I keep going? You can be anything and everything with one character in this game. Would this game have you helping others, defeating enemies (there are some amazingly creative ideas for creatures), selling goods, ruling a kingdom, going treasure hunting, tomb raiding, dragon slaying, charting undiscovered lands, casting spells, making spells, making weapons, fixing armor, enchanting objects, stealing souls, flying, swimming, swinging axes, staffs, swords, hammers, spears, throwing daggers stars or shooting bow and arrows from a distance. This game has it all, and the more you do something, the more you get skilled at what you do. If you swing a sword to defeat every enemy you will become a great swordsman, if you use magic to destroy everything, you will become a great mage, if you hide yourself you will become a great ninja, if you constantly pick locks you become an expert in security, when you run around you become a better athlete, when you jump around you become a better acrobat, and when you take some damage to your armor, clothes or skin you get better in heavy armor, light armor or medium armor. That’s how the game works there is no structure, you can become an invincible force. So why is there a main quest if you can do anything? Because there are 350 mini quests! You do not have to do them all, in fact you do not have to do any of them and the quests vary from deliver this message, kill the rats in my attic, take me to this city to the more challenging slay this dragon, eliminate the enter thieves guild, assassinate the emperor. Your actions dictate this RPG, you begin on a minor quest (which leads to the real quest of the game) if you steal something, you are arrested and must pay a fine or go to jail, if you free slaves expect the owner to be angry, if you prove your love, expect to get some love, if you tease someone expect for that person to hate you, and if you kill someone you are feared heavily by the public! This game is anything you would like it to be, but the only catch is this game does require quite a super computer, at least more than 1.4 gHz.

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