The Pinball of the Dead Game Boy Advance Review

The Pinball of the Dead is a fabulously detailed pinball game, detailed with graphics, good music (especially for Game Boy Advance), good voice-overs, and easy to use controls (L button for left paddle, R button for the right one, up to tilt the machine). It manages to combine the horrifying graphics of Resident Evil, with multi-level pinball tables and just a twist of “use the pinball to destroy creatures.” The game focuses around three major pinball tables, the first with a 19th century England theme, the second with a high tech science fiction theme, the third with a ghoulish red cemetery theme and various hidden tables you can unlock. The tables also adapt, move and live, such as little creatures constantly appear in open spaces waiting to be run over by the pinball for points. Along with secret tables to unlock there are also cinematic horror scenes which can be unlocked through points, hitting something a certain amount of times or discovering a secret area. There are also secret areas with bosses for you to defeat by hitting it with the pinball several times. The gameplay is smooth, and instead of having the entire table viewable on one screen, the screen scrolls up and down following the pinball. It’s a good pinball game, but although the graphics are for mature audiences, the game is quite easy. You can play for ten minutes on a single ball! After all is said, pinball is pinball.

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