Spy Hunter Game Boy Advance Review

The car driving, auto fighting, gun shooting, oil slicking game has arrived for Game Boy Advance. You are a spy sent out on various missions (each has a primary and several sub objectives) in a superior automobile equipped with machine guns, oil slick, and various other weapons you find along the way like missiles, smoke screen and other. The missions are simple enough, like destroy an enemy helicopter, and destroy five black transport trucks. You do this all while zooming along city streets, looking out for civilians in red autos, destroying bad guys in blue cars and semis trucks. There are some nice controls, A button for accelerate, B button for brake, R button for an offensive weapon, L button to change weapons and L + R to use a defensive weapon (oil slick and smoke screen). There is even a rigorous tutorial track. After all of this has been said, the graphics are probably the second worst I have seen for Game Boy Advance. The other cars on the road look like cardboard cutouts (you can see in the screenshots). The only vehicles with any sort of 3D detail are the objective vehicles you are supposed to destroy. If you enjoy auto racing with a twist this is good for you, if you enjoy great graphics and a plot; please avoid this game.

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