Desert Srike Advance Game Boy Advance Review

For those of you who have played the classic “Strike” series, this is the exact same game that was released in the early 90s. Nothing at all has changed, same controls, same passwords and so on. For those of you who have not played Desert Strike, you are an Apache helicopter pilot, on 30 missions into 5 levels of Desert Storm! This is a pretty nice game, with an overhead view of the helicopter and land, making it not for everyone, especially anyone under 13. Another reason this game is not for everyone is because of its intense difficulty. Limited missiles, fuel, armor, lives and so on make each stage difficult. Each stage has several missions that you must follow. The missions are anywhere from destroying enemy radars / airports (with guns, hydras and missiles) to capturing commanders and saving hostages all from your Apache helicopter. There is pretty good gameplay, however just one helicopter, if you get destroyed, that is it, so you collect hostages and drop them off to replenish your copter’s armor. One final thing is this game is not worth [full retail], wait until a price drop.

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