Star X Game Boy Advance Review

Once upon a time with SNES a space dog fighting game was born and its name was Star Fox. The graphics were made out of polygons and very little detail was used in the game, but it had a very intense action and star fighting. Star X has recreated Star Fox for the Game Boy Advance, featuring 22 missions (2 per stage with a boss and password at the end of each). The down side about those 22 missions is that they are each fairly short. When you play the second mission you will realize that the odds against you are ridiculous, as wave after wave of ships, cannons, and crafts come after you. Fortunately there are several different varieties of planes, ships, traps, cannons per stage. The graphics are simple and not at all detailed (the game uses polygons to construct everything from scenery, planes, tanks and even lasers that are shot). There is a nice feature when shooting which will allow you to lock onto enemy targets. There is one thing that sums up the game though “generic” you are a nameless starship going against an evil army, but that’s it (Bam Entertainment the company that made this game is known for producing clones of games). If you enjoyed Star Fox, you will enjoy this.

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