Dragon Warrior III GameBoy Color Review

One of the ultimate RPGs for the NES comes to Gameboy Color. Some things in the game have changed slightly, and things like the graphics and mini games have changed dramatically. It’s the same old story though; you are the brave son of Ortega growing up in a small town. You must then create characters to help you on your quest to destroy the evil Demon Lord. There are useful character classes like Warriors, Fighters, Cleric and Wizards. Then there are useless character classes like Jesters, Dealers and Thieves. To top it off, a huge Gameboy improvement is the game is that the characters now have different personalities (such as brave, romantic, honest, jock and selfish), which determine how they gain hit points, magic points, intelligence, agility and so on when they level up. The game is a very nicely diverse RPG, because in some cases you must first go to a town, then go off to a tower and destroy a boss and his minions, but other times you must go to a castle, talk with a king, then go into a cave, find an item in a treasure chest, go to a town, give that item to someone who will give you a different item that the king wanted! There are fun mini games, such as the old “monster fights” where you bet on a monster to win in a battle against monsters, but something new from the NES version is that the game lets you bet double or nothing when you win once! The second mini game is a track where you are given dice to roll, which you will move spaces according to the dice to either tricks, traps, treasures or monster battles. There is a new “field log” which will allow a player to save anywhere in the game! The graphics are VERY dark for Game Boy Advance and this game seems to disable exterior lights (it shuts the GBA off if you use a light).

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