Spider-Man Game Boy Advance Review

After releasing the great Spiderman Mysterio’s Menace for Gameboy Advance, I thought that this would be a similar and great game, instead Spiderman “the Movie” lacks any complexity and diversity. You are of course Spiderman armed with a few punches; uppercuts, wall clinging and limited web slinging ability (you actually need to find a building in web slinging distance), and finally wall clinging. As for Spiderman’s other tricks like a web shield, web bullets and webbing bad guys those are special items that you need to pick up in order to have them! There are unfortunately no maze levels providing simple straightforward game-play against dozens of enemies per level. After every two levels a villain steps forward to challenge Spiderman. Unfortunately because this game is based on the movie, there are less than stellar villains. The Vulture and the Scorpion were never hit villains. The story itself for the game is very watered down compared to other Spiderman games, and the interludes are not comic strips or animated in anyway, instead its Spiderman talking. Something that does add to the playability of the game is the fact that you can actually take pictures by pushing the select button and you can view them at the end of each stage. This game is a letdown.

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