Monopoly Tycoon PC Review

Step into the real world with a new and highly competitive version of Monopoly. This is not competitive like you roll the dice, see where you land, buy the property, then build houses once you get a monopoly. This is a game where at any given second you can lease a property from the city (where then it goes to auction instead of you just buying it) or you can build a residential or retail area without owning the land (you just rent it). It makes for some interesting things, such as someone will build lots of buildings on rented land, then another player will buy the land out from under them. Once you start enjoying the game, then it unfortunately ends, because this game goes in scenarios, not full-length games (like playing a demo that cuts off after 10 minutes). Its also very tedious, because it’s the same city over and over, so you basically go build the same stuff over and over. The scenarios sound basic (make 100 sales, earn $3000 profit in one day, reach an empire of $20,000, have the most money by 1945), but they are difficult at times because the game does not offer insights as to how to complete the scenarios. There are nice smooth 3D graphics to the game, but the tools to create buildings are troublesome.

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