Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Game Boy Advance Review

This is a quest through the jungles of South America, you are an explorer equipped with a short whip, a sling (slingshot), and a boomerang, against a jungle of animated snakes, spiders, deadly plants, quick sand, annoying monkeys and so on. The controls first of all are annoying having B as the jump button and A as the attack, L as the boomerang and R as the sling. Then next, the background graphics are so needlessly detailed, that you can hardly tell what is part of the level and what is part of the background! The animations are cartoonish and annoying, because its impossible to lets say do a small jump, the player will always takes huge leaps! The levels are very large and detailed, each has a different theme, but there are traps, where you can actually fall from the end of a level back to the beginning and have to do it all over again, making the game very tedious and frustrating! If you want a fun game, along this genre, take a look at the Game Boy Advance game, Lady Sia. Its also very unfortunate that I have given this game one star, because I have never given anything one star.

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