Jet Moto 2 PlayStation Review

This is a futuristic dirt bike game, where rather than riding dirt bikes, you ride a jet-powered motorcycle. The game starts out being fun racing along exotic 3D courses like a jungle island, an earthquake rattled Los Angeles that has fallen into the sea, a cold mountain passageway and so on. When the player advances past the first few races the game stops being fun and starts getting unnecessarily and frustratingly difficult, because rather than having track borders (like walls) where the racer cannot go past a certain point, the courses further in the game take away those walls so you literally fall off the track. It is also unclear where the finish line is, sometimes you must do a lap around a circular track, and other times you must do a U turn then go back through the track. Then reappear on the track, far behind the other racers. The game is full of jumps, ridiculously high jumps, and while you are in the air you can do flips and tricks. Not any advanced tricks like from Tony Hawk. There are several racers, however the racers are so uneven that you can pick a certain racer and win constantly.

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