Dragon Warrior Monsters GameBoy Color Review

The Dragon Warrior franchise makes its way to Gameboy Color with a fantastic game that adds to an already fun epic Dragon Warrior RPG. This game is far different than Dragon Warriors of the past, because now in this game, you are a lone adventurer, who can find, capture and tame up to 3 monsters at once to fight for him (like Pokemon). You can get 100s of more monsters, but you can only have 3 in your party at a time, the rest must sit “on the bench.” You can train your monsters by walking around the world, fighting monsters, fighting in competitions of 3 battles or fighting other trainers who wander around like yourself. The sheer depth of this game is amazing, because when you capture monsters, tame them and raise where they will have unique skills, then you pair off mature male and female monsters to have a “wedding” and create a baby monster with all of the skills as the parents. That is pretty much the plot, unfortunately the world which you must roam around to train your monsters is not really a world, its more like a random maze. Literally random, each time you enter the world, its different. With all of that being said, this game like all Dragon Warrior games is fun and highly addictive, however the graphics are very poor.

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