Krazy Racers Game Boy Advance Review

This would be a great game, if Super Mario Kart Circuit did not exist. Why? Because the game Konami Krazy Racers is a clone of Super Mario Kart Circuit, only with different tracks, a few new modes and less than famous Konami characters. The weapons are less than stellar, as you run through a bell and get a random weapon of a bomb, snow crystals to freeze enemies behind you, a mole to dig a hole, a booster or three rockets to shoot ahead. The controls are even the same, A to accelerate, B to brake, L to use a weapon and R to jump. There are four circuits of four tracks in this game and three levels of difficulty. The tracks are nothing special, its more like an extension of Super Mario Kart, having courses on a beach, moon road (star road), and a cabbage patch (donut plains). The new modes are quite nice, with two mini games, like a game of chicken where you and 3 random racers race toward the end of the track then stop before falling off. Then there is also the “bomb track” mini game where you and three random opponents chase each other trying to destroy one another. Its quite tedious and boring. Another feature to this game is you can collect coins while racing to buy better vehicle parts, which is quite nice. There are cartoonish graphics (Konami is known for making dark graphics), some bad music, and to me personally buying this clone was an insult, because of how similar it is to Super Mario Kart Circuit.

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