Pac-Man Collection Game Boy Advance Review

Pac Man proved something to me with this collection, which was that the developers could take the same concept and make it interesting with four different versions of Pac Man. First there is the original hit game, Pac Man, where you are a little man with a huge mouth going through a maze, gobbling up pellets, being chased by ghosts in a never-ending quest. The next game is “Pac Man Arrangement,” which is essentially the same game, only with fun new features, such as a dash and the graphics are a bit better. When Pac Man runs over a dash, he will zip from one side of the maze to the other, past all ghosts that chase him. The third game is Pac Attack, which is a clone of Tetris, falling blocks, some with ghosts in them, and eventually a falling Pac Man to eat the ghosts! You score points by stacking a line of bars or by having a Pac Man eat the ghosts. The fourth game is a great Pac Man game for the present day called Pac Mania! It features crisp graphics, a 3D maze, 3D Pac Man and 3D ghosts, each with their own personalities! The point of it is to still eat all of the pellets in the maze, but now there are more ghosts and you cannot see the entire maze in just one screen. The mazes even have different themes to them, such as one maze will be made of Legos, another will be on the top of a roof! One more thing, now Pac Man can jump over the ghosts! It’s a very nice addition to the Pac Family. The only unfortunate part to all of these games is that it does not save your high scores when you turn the game off! There is some nice variety to this game pack, but its not for everyone.

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