Tekken Advance Game Boy Advance Review

This game is a 3D fighting game based around Tekken 3, with 9 playable fighters (Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Nina, Law, Gun Jack, Hwoarang, Paul, King and Jin). With the Playstation version of this fighting game, for each character you beat the game with, it will play a movie and you will earn a new playable fighter, however, it is not like this in the Gameboy Advance version. When you beat the game, the credits roll and that is it, you do not get any specialized ending nor an extra playable fighter. Also, Heihachi is the leader of the game, and not Ogre like in Tekken 3 (Heihachi may also be unlocked if you beat the game with all 9 fighters). This is a true 3D fighting game, unlike Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games, with Tekken Advance the camera will zoom in and out of the battle as you fight, also the fighter can move to a different angle to avoid attacks. The buttons are very simple, having only a kick button (A), a punch button (B) and a “close attack” button (R). With Tekken the “close attack” would usually grapple your opponent and do a devastating move, with Tekken Advance it performs a specific combo, like a few punches or kicks. Another great thing about this game are the modes of play, such as arcade, verses battle (for two players), time attack, survival, practice, and even an incredible tag battle mode, where you select 3 fighters, then the computer will pit you against 3 random opponents. You can even tag out by pressing select to your different partners! The game even keeps track of the energy. All this being said, the game has great graphics, sound a unique 3D feel, but not enough players or diversity to hold your interest more than a few months.

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