UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Tapout XBox Review

Welcome to the Octagon. This is an amazing mixed martial arts game (fighting / wrestling), where you can chose from 25 real athletes from the UFC roster (like Tito Ortiz, Josh Barnett, Dan Severn, Frank Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr). Each fighter has a different fighting style, such as Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Pit Fighting, Freestyle Wrestling and Submission styles. So you can pick a fighter suited to your playing style, such as some fighters have devastating punches, kicks and combos, others have grapples, takedowns and submissions, and still others have enough endurance and stamina to keep coming back! This game is different from wrestling games and its more suited as a fighting game with its fast paced and quick matches of 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. The gameplay is easy and very smooth, as there are four buttons, Right Kick, Left Kick, Right Punch, Left Punch, then from there, you can press Right Kick and Right Punch simultaneously to do a shoot (dive in), and press Left Kick and Left Punch to do a takedown. With a shoot and a takedown you mount your opponent in true UFC style either to beat them up with the punch buttons or slap a quick submission on by pressing a combination of buttons. It really only takes 10 minutes to learn how to play. To block you merely hold back, and the game offers so many combinations of punches and kicks to create incredible combinations. The name of this game is, aggression, because the matches are so fast paced you can finish the matches in a matter of seconds with either a knockout or a submission. With submissions they happen very quick, so once you get a submission you immediately win, but expect to be countered or blocked from the submission! The fighters are huge on the screen, the graphics, blood and animation of this game are great, and you can even hear the crowd’s comments, however these are all one on one fights, so players may get bored quickly with the lack of matches. This is more of a fighting game than a professional wrestling game.

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