Wario Land 4 Game Boy Advance Review

This game is amazing, especially to me, because I did not like Wario Land and the Mario games have been done to death. Wario, who is a bigger bullying version of Mario offers a whole new game to play. Rather than Mario who jumps on enemies, leaps to punch blocks above him and collects mushrooms and fire flowers to power-up; Wario uses the direct method, ramming straight through enemies, blocks and collects hearts for energy. You can even pick up enemies to throw them. So what makes this game different than a Mario game? Because a Mario game was simple, where you go right and find the end of a level. With Wario’s land, each level is a miniature maze, where you enter a level through a portal where you must then find four pieces of a stone, which are scattered in the level, then you must find the key. They key is unique, because they key is a bird who’s beak is the key and it actually flies behind you and bigger enemies can steal the key and hold it hostage. You can leave the level, but the key is needed to get to the next level. To top it all off, you can’t just finish a level, you must find and activate a bomb! The bomb then sets a timer at the top of the screen for you to exit the level by. Each level is very detailed and the graphics are completely different, such as a Desert, a Haunted House, a Lake, a Raining Swamp, Paradise, and a Sunflower Field to name a few. To make sure you don’t get bored, there are coins, jewels and gold to collect, in which with all of this cash, you can pay to play mini games, like Roulette, Homerun Derby and Wario Hop. The graphics are great and Wario is full of tricks so there is great gameplay.

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