Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Game Boy Review

For those who don’t know this is a portable platforming Mario game for Gameboy. Simple controls, A to jump, B to run or use fireballs and the directional pad to duck and move. This feels like a mix and sequel to Super Mario World in terms of look and gameplay. They did a lot with the gameboy’s limitations. This is an amazing game by any standard let alone the original tiny, hard to see Super Mario Land for Gameboy. This game offers bigger, detailed graphics, new enemies, new moves, new power ups (like the flying carrot), and a whole new land to explore with 20+ levels to beat. Mario Land is divided into 6 sections, the moon, the tree, the house (Mario is shrank), the pumpkin (which is haunted), the sea, and the mechanical statue of Mario. Each of these sections has a few levels, complete with a boss. The great thing about this game is the diversity, rather than Super Mario World which recycled the same background graphics in each level, Super Mario Land 2, each level has a different theme, like being in a bee hive, underground, a haunted house, a witches workshop, a lake, the moon and so on. There is no multi-player mode. It’s a fun game, with all of the new enemies and challenges, and there are two exits to each level, a normal exit and an exit that leads to a bonus round with one of 2 games (crane game or a mouse hunt game) for items and 1-Ups. It is also a fairly quick game too, when you get good at it, the game will only take 4 hours get up to the boss (who is Wario). The other bosses are very cheesy, and they are a giant bird, a witch, an octopus and so on. There are no Color Gameboy features and there are 3 battery save slots (it instantly saves after each level).

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