Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 PlayStation Review

Pro Skater 3 is on a higher platform, but its still the same great skateboarding game that it has always been. You can play as one of 13 pro skaters in skate parks located around the world, such as Japan, Canada and a cruise ship. Not much has improved, except for the graphics, and the fact that people can now be found in the skate parks! There are however new challenges, other than scoring points and jumping gaps. Now you can impress people to earn cash! Rather than buying stats like in Pro Skater 2, you now must earn them! There are also more advanced create a skater and park editors with different ramps, hazards and schemes like a beach! After all of that has been said, because I have played and beaten the past two games, this game offered only a week’s worth of challenge. There is now smearing blood in the game.

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