Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 PC Review

Pro Skater is a skateboarding game like no other, first, chose from 13 pro skaters each with their own tricks, stats and special moves or create your own custom made pro skater. Then have them skate in eight detailed skate parks (eight more hidden!). For each skate park you skate in, there are a number of goals to accomplish for each, such getting high scores by earning points from performing tricks, grinds, and jumps over gaps (like building to building), collecting the letters SKATE, grinding three rails, jumping over fire hydrants and various other things, they vary from level to level. When you complete a goal you get money to gain cash that you can buy new skateboards, upgrades to better your skater and you can also buy bigger tricks. Having a little brother that loves Tony Hawk, he now has Tony Hawk 2 on every gaming system, and I must say that Tony Hawk 2 for the PC is by far the best! First off, the price, second the graphics are a huge step up from the Playstation and N64 versions, such as very detailed textures and even graffiti looks great. Also the fact that it is on your computer lets you save limitless games, demos and skate parks (you are limited to only three created skaters though)! You can download skate parks from the Internet and play them too. Finally, the best part is that you can earn hidden courses from the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but unfortunately you must enable them one at a time! You do however NEED a controller, because the keyboard is poorly configured to use with this game!

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