Lady Sia Game Boy Advance Review

Welcome to the world of Sia, Warrior Princess! A side scrolling animated adventure, as you of course are Lady Sia on a mission, saving hostages, collecting diamonds and going against the bad guys of your castle realm! Keep in mind, because this is an animated type game, these “bad guys” are bears with swords, rouge mice, giant bee men and so on. The bad guys also number in the 100s, and you can only slash them, so it gets very boring and tedious! The game is solid, it has a rich plot for kids to follow easily, and between levels is a very good animated story to show what’s happening. The animation is incredible, but it looks like your watching a cartoon when you play (Disney cartoonish). Which may shut out older players, along with the fact that the game is quite easy to play and get the hang of, jump and slash that’s it! Because of that fact it gets very tough on the thumbs! Ouch. Bottom line is fantastic for children, but then for older players, please skip it.

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