Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest SNES Review

This was Super Nintendo’s cross between a Final Fantasy RPG game and a Zelda type RPG game. To start with the graphics are very basic, it looks more like it could be a Nintendo game (not SNES), and the plotline is simplistic going to different areas to defeat a big boss and get an item that lets you go to the next area. Simple isn’t it? But then the real worthwhile part about this game is its originality, you can jump in the game, you can cut down trees with your axe, blow up walls with your bombs and climb walls with your claws. Another interesting part is that you can see the enemies as characters on the overhead map! So you can run into them and fight them, but then rather than fighting them like Zelda, it takes you to a battle screen like a true RPG. Something else is that rather than a real overhead map of the world where you explore, you start at an area which gives you four choices of where to go, up down left and right. You select the path and the hero will take that path automatically, no monsters or anything! The monsters are all inside of the areas, towns, caves and caverns.

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