Alienators: Evolution Continues Game Boy Advance Review

This game seems to be based off of the Evolution cartoon show and not the Evolution movie. You are David Duchovney’s character, alone sent out on several missions to find data, keycards and so on. Each level is quite big and detailed like a cartoon and it is full of dozens of aliens! So many aliens it can get tedious destroying them all, which is why there is a nice variety of guns and special weapons where you push select to chose a standard weapon and L to throw a special bomb. The game has cartoon segments between levels, much like a game based off of a comic book. The graphics are great, and the animations run smooth, however depending on where the player is facing the screen jerks to where the player faces, which might get very dizzying after a while! Also for older players, this game is far too easy to beat, so you might want to skip this game.

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