WWF With Authority! PC Review

The great PC hype known as With Authority is a CD-ROM strategy game where it is exactly like a card game. You start the game by selecting a wrestler which has been given certain “cards” and each card is an attribute like a slam, a dropkick, a pin, a finisher, a burst of power, a block, a kick-up from a pin and so on like that. Much like the popular card game for “Magic the Gathering”, only you play it on your computer. There are no videos, or animation, merely pictures and sound clips! Much like the “Magic the Gathering” this is merely a starter CD-ROM, meaning this will get you started and teach you how to play the game, but to master it you must go out and PURCHASE expansion packs with various moves, maneuvers and WWF superstars in the pack to master the game. So now that you know the basis of the game, whom do you play against? You play the game online against other players like yourself via THQ’s official website for With Authority. Also, it should be stated that you can download this program for free via THQ’s official website! Avoid this game, because it is not WWF action, it’s a card game for your computer.

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