F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Game Boy Advance Review

This is the third installment of the futuristic racing game; F-Zero. The first portable version of the game incorporates bits and pieces from the first and second game, from the first game it is a flat track (like Mario Kart Circuit), no hills, loops or tubes. It is like the second game in the fact that it is more detailed, such as each of the six cars has specific stats, like its speed, acceleration, turning, balance, body armor and turbo speed. It’s a fun game, great graphics, good music, fast-speed on fifteen circuits in three leagues, and you even get a turbo boost after completing a lap. The controls of the game are simple, A is to speed up, B is to brake and press L + R at the same time for a turbo boost! Also unique to F-Zero is a power meter, where you take damage and so do the other cars, where eventually you will blow up! For the fans of the past two F-Zero games, this is definitely a new twist, because it is a different era further in the future, which means all new 3D cars totally detailed even down to the tail fins which move, and totally new tracks with the occasional hazards like landmines, ice, lava, jumps, intersections, tight squeezes and a few hairpin turns.

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