DOOM Game Boy Advance Review

Ouch, everyone will buy this expecting the standard of Doom, a lone soldier in a first person shooter against monsters of Hades, then they will play the game and see the violence, challenge and secrets are turned down! The blood is now green, and moments after killing an enemy it disappears, along with due to the Gameboy Advance not being as powerful as someone’s computer (original platform of Doom), the game tends to move slower, and there are less enemies, barely any decor items like pillars and meat, and finally no lighting effects (flickering, strobe light)! Several traps have been removed, such as you can now no longer fall into a deep pit of lava or acid, as well as every single huge room with lots of enemies has just been removed all together! Speaking of removed, the Spider Mastermind and the cyberdemon have been removed! The two biggest bosses in Doom are no longer there, along with Holodemons have been removed (transparent demons). The controls are unique, I have yet to find a way to change weapons, but the B button is run and it is to open doors and pull switches. The A button is to fire. There are four slots to save your games and four levels of difficulty.

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