Cruis’n Velocity Game Boy Advance Review

To start with, the graphics for the CARS are excellent and it will blow you away even when you are picking one of the eleven cars to drive, like a police car, a 70s bus, a beetle, a Rolls Royce and a taxi cab. You can chose auto or manual transmission, then you play the game, and the graphics and the sounds for the course are so terrible its like playing Atari, the graphics are blocky and the game itself moves slow! Also unlike the other Cruisin’ games where you go straight along a course, these are circular tracks (you do four laps) in places like Las Vegas, Mars and Ireland. In each of those cities are several racetracks that you can progress along. The options are the normal options, no difficulty options, but there is a “car damage” option, which adds realism to the game. The bottom line is terrible graphics, probably the worst for Game Boy Advance or the old Game Boy, simple play control, lots of short circuits. Avoid this game and get one of the two other great racing games from Nintendo, F-Zero and Mario Kart Circuit!

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