Project Gotham Racing XBox Review

First off, I have played every racing game out there and this is a unique one that might be worth a play but it requires skill and not speed, which might make it far too hard for younger players. The gameplay is original, as for the accelerator you pull the right trigger and for the brake you pull the left trigger! You start with three cars and earn nine cars in the game. The cars are based on speed, acceleration, handling and traction. So you pick your car and pick a color then pick one of four cities, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and London to race 1 of 200 circuits. What makes the game so unique is rather than racing against other cars, you race along a street course, with cones set up and you must go between the cones to get Kudos points. You can get extra Kudos points by doing stunts by really tight turns, or fast turns, or doing donuts in the middle of the street. That’s why the game is unique, that doesn’t mean everyone will love it, because it can be frustrating going through the cones! If that’s not for you then there are “free races” where you select a city, select a circuit and race against five other cars in a winner take all race! With all of that being said, the big feature is the music, you can record your music with the X-Box and play your tunes on the car’s radio, so you never get tired of the music!

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