NFL Fever 2002 XBox Review

When everyone sees this game they gasp, why it looks like real football on TV, but in this day and age, all football games look like you are watching it on TV. So what it now comes down to are features and gameplay. The gameplay for this game is ultimately easy to learn and master in a few hours with the game’s training camp and practices. Press B to tackle, press A to have a burst of speed, press X to select a different player and press Y to do a taunt as your running down the field! To throw the ball, press A and then look at the players on the field, they will have colors above them, and then press the color button of the player to throw it to them. A big feature is the season mode and the single game settings which feature night or day play, snow, rain, heat, player fatigue, referee toughness, quarter length and even wind speed! Its quite amazing to play with different elements in different fields, it makes for game longevity! The downfall are the commentators which just play get annoying especially when you are losing! Also the transitions of the game between plays, such as it will show the players getting down on the field and dancing and taunting, it just makes for wasted time, no wonder why football games last 3 hours!

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