Dead or Alive 3 XBox Review

After seeing the commercials for this game it had me convinced that this was a fighting game that features all female fighters. I was wrong of course, but instead it features a slew of copied fighters from Tekken (Playstation game), pro wrestling (There is a wrestler that looks exactly like Hulk Hogan) and Ninja Gaiden (very old Nintendo game). The game itself is much like Tekken and the graphics are astonishing, with incredibly detailed fighting arenas that interact with the fighters, such as electric fences, which do more damage and areas with deep snow where you can run through the snow and the snow stays matted. The fighters themselves are very lifelike, but the graphics alone cannot hold up this game can they? The gameplay is at best, quite different, there is a punch, kick, fierce punch, fierce kick, tag, and grapple buttons. The grapple button is used to perform unique takedowns, suplexes and or throws. The moves are quite simple to pull off, whether pushing a punch button or holding back and pushing a punch button to perform a different move. Because the moves are simple to pull off that makes for a quick learning curve, but a quick boredom curve because you will be performing the same moves constantly. There are great modes, such as a story mode, tag battle mode with good double team moves, survivor mode, which pits you against fighters until you are defeated, a watch mode to see the computer fight the computer, a training mode and a practice mode. In all, the game does not offer much to the fighting plate to make it different from the rest of the fighting games, other than its graphics, so skip this game.

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