Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace Game Boy Advance Review

After playing every Spiderman and X-Men game for the Super Nintendo, I was expecting the same sort of mediocre game. Instead this game is an amazing platform adventure. The graphics first off, the backgrounds and levels are incredible and detailed. There are bright colors, great backgrounds and lighting. The animation runs smooth for all of the characters and enemies. Second there is fantastic play control and a variety of tactics, from punches and kicks, to shooting a web around goons and even shooting a web bullet. Also, it is probably the simplest game to stick to the walls and ceilings. Just walk into it and Spiderman will cling! Also in this game you are able to select different levels that fit what villain or crime you are trying to conquer, rather than just beating a level and going to the next without a choice. With the past Spiderman games, it gets very boring fighting the same thugs time after time, with this game there are lots of different looking thugs for Spiderman to take on, and a comic book storyline between levels too!

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