Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX PC Review

Everyone will be rushing out to get Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, because they think it will be the same game as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. However, this game is more like the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. You go through courses, performing five tasks (getting a high score, finding a secret, collecting five letters of TRICK or doing something special), to get you a “cover” (like a video tape), these covers just make you advance further in the game, there is no sort of cash system to purchase new tricks, bikes or stats. With that being said, the gameplay is easier than the PC version of Tony Hawk 2, but it is no where near as smooth, the animation slugs down sometimes when in an area with lots of detail (it does it for all computers, not just mine). It is also immensely easier to grind in this game than the PC version of Tony Hawk 2. The courses are really spectacular BMX bike trails not just your run of the mill schools and warehouses. The Skate Park editor is the exact same as in Tony Hawk 2, same ramps, trees, gaps, rails and so on, so there is nothing special there. The music has a big hip hop groove to it instead of punk, rock and metal. The game also supports all major PC controllers from a specified list.

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