DOOM Collector’s Bundle PC Review

What more can Doom offer? In this bundle, not much, but just incase you missed the Doom craze back in 1994 – 1997, here is the plot of it. You are a lone soldier sent out on a first person shooter to annihilate creatures, goat headed demons, imps, zombie soldiers, and huge cybernetic spider masterminds. So what do you get with this “Collector’s Bundle?” all of the official Doom releases, starting with the Ultimate Doom, which is the original 27 levels of Doom, plus an extra tough 9 additional levels. Then when you defeat that, move on to Doom 2, which is 32 levels with new monsters, such as the Chain Gunners, Pain Elementals, and the Arch Vile and others, but still the same old weapons and graphics. The levels are incredibly detailed with 100s of new wall textures, where you actually believe you are in a city slum overrun by monsters, and you go to the lair of the monsters to destroy the big bad bosses. Finally included on the single CD-ROM that comes in this bundle is Final Doom. Most Doom players missed out on this because it was an expansion pack released for Doom 2, which contains 64 new levels! However, they are nothing you should go running to it just adds to the longevity and difficulty of Doom. This bundle is pretty bad, especially when it comes in a box and not a single jewel case (because everything is on a single CD-ROM)!

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