Quake 2 PC Review

The first impression you get from this game is one of awe as there is a whole cinematic prelude into the game, with a battle in space, followed by a crash landing of a lone soldier into an alien planet. You are that soldier and must gun your way through monsters and 39 levels with missions. What I mean by missions, is that in each level you have stuff to do, such as collect explosives, then place them to blow up a power grid, or realign a satellite dish. If this sounds complex, don’t worry just walk up to something and it is done (quite brainless). This game is your stereotypical shooting game, you run in a first person game, with one of seven guns you can pick up and with this game you get a full 360 degrees motion with your gun, so its more than shooting straight. With other shooting games you fight against waves of monsters, in this game there are pretty much 10 – 20 creatures per level, making the levels go by quickly. This release is in a jewel case, so it does not take up much space.

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