Lego Creator PC Review

I was very skeptical of how good a piece of Lego software could be when compared to the actual Lego building bricks. This software offers a very unique outlet for planning out Lego models, cities or just designs in general. There are unlimited pieces to build buildings, autos, helicopters, people and gardens. However the design space is limited to about 16 x 16 road pieces, which might be a lot for beginners, but not for expert city designers. All that being said, there are pre-made models and you can create models (and towns) and save them on your computer, but you can’t swap the models with friends. When you have created your models there is a feature that creates building instructions for you and you can print them out and build the model with your own hands. When you are done creating a Lego town, there is a mode which lets you play it, everything moves, interacts, walks, drives, flies and explodes and you can watch it or drive behind the wheel of your Lego models.

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