Illusion of Gaia SNES Review

You begin as a boy, in a small town wanting to simply travel the world out of simple curiosity. You then travel the world (eventually finding two other souls to join you), pretty much going to the 7 wonders of the world, and beating monsters, solving puzzles and riddles with new skills you learn in your journey. Its a very good game for your brain. This game also spares you travel time of having to travel from point A to point B, by just having a map displaying where the heroes are going. No travel time is to make up for the fact that it is not always obvious what to do, so it may take you days to figure out simple puzzles. This an incredible game for learning purposes, as well as its fun gameplay much like the Zelda games (weapon, special item, run and map buttons). With that being said, the buttons are configured nothing like Zelda! It has a very disappointing configuration, but that’s why it has a mode where you can configure your own buttons!

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