Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Game Boy Advance Review

I was a big fan of the original four Castlevania games (NES + SNES), so this game was a huge surprise to me. You are now Nathan Graves, vampire hunter, your weapon of choice is a long whip, and you are on a huge side scrolling / roll playing quest to find and slay Dracula. The quest leads you on a massive fantastic journey through a dark world that is full of full of mythical monsters, such as mummies, gargoyles, and the grim reaper. This game is not what I expected, from the usual whip and holly water game. This game now lets you find and equip armor, new weapons, special items, such as the double jump and the running boots. It also incorporates spells, which can be mixed and matched to make different effects, such as giving you flame whips or more energy. This game is more like Metroid (NES + SNES), being that it is a side-scrolling quest. It is a big and sometimes tediously long game, because there are countless enemies after you, but it’s a good thing there are 150 different types of enemies after you or else you will get bored very quick. One of the more difficult parts of the game is the fact that there are several areas that look exactly the same, so you can get lost easily. There are incredibly detailed graphics to the game, but many people complain the game is very dark. This is true, so you will probably have to use your worm light (accessory sold separately).

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