Super Mario Advance Game Boy Advance Review

I am not the biggest fan of Super Mario 2, but this release has so much more to offer! They took the graphics and gameplay from Super Mario All Stars, and added some extra fun to it, with new secrets, new goals, some huge enemies / vegetables, voice-overs for all the characters (even Birdo), more enemies, and more ways of getting hearts. Some parts of levels were even recreated. There are three slots for saved games. There is one downfall though, the height of the screen is not as tall as the original Super Mario 2, so a scroll up / down function was added, which is very distracting. Finally as an added surprise it comes with a classic version of Mario Bros! Very nice detail has been added to the classic and it offers a four-player multi player game. I must admit that the Mario Bros game included is fun, because its different and it even saves your high score.

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