Nintendo Game Boy Advance White Hardware Review

his is the very first 32 bit portable system, to give it a comparison, the SNES is a 16 bit system and the N64 is of course a 64 bit system. For starters, the screen is about the same size as a sticker on a N64 game cartridge, and the size is the same as a Game Boy turned sideways. However, the width is super slim less than the width of a N64 game. The button configuration has something to be desired though, as there are the traditional A and B buttons, then the start and select buttons are so tiny and placed far away from the A and B. An added touch is that there are L and R buttons, however from the N64 and SNES controllers, the L and R buttons wear out quickly and no one wants to pay $$ for a new GBA. The sound is very advanced and you can make out voices and speech in games like Super Mario 2. As for the screen, we all know that its in brilliant color, however the screen is not the greatest thing to make out, especially with dark or high speed games. Another huge plus is you can play normal Game Boy / Game Boy Color games on it! The final feature is that it only requires two AA batteries and there are several battery pack adapters for play of up to 20 hours (sold separately).

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