Super Castlevania IV SNES Review

This is a side platform fighting game, the fourth in the series as you are Trevor Belmont, vampire hunter, working your way through a massive fourteen level castle killing nightmarish creatures in an attempt to destroy Dracula. This is an amazing platform game, it incorporates every capability of SNES, such as the rotating room of the castle. The entire room rotates in an attempt to kill you! You can attack with your whip in a 360 angle and there are several new tips and tricks you learn with your whip, such as how to whip onto a ring and swing on it to another platform. The quest of this game is a little dull, because you constantly move forward, looking for power ups, items, weapons and secrets. The challenge is still great in this game and everything is fully detailed graphics wise. Fantastic game! The features were a bit disappointing, after Castlevania III, because there are now less weapons and less modes of play.

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