Roller Coaster Tycoon PC Review

First of all, this is not Sim City, nor was it even made by the company, but that is a good thing in this case. The first difference is that rather than starting with some random piece of land to build your park, you pick a scenario to beat! The controls are far easier than Sim City and it flows more smoothly and there are far more details like walking people that get hungry, angry, thirsty, sick and tired. You must make sure they have fun! By building steel, standing, corkscrew, wooden, and backward coasters, yada yada, Ferris wheels, motion simulators, merry-go-rounds, log rides and you get the picture. You can customize everything in the game, the color of the ride, the speed of the ride, how many loops or laps everything has. However, you need to be careful of three things when it comes to rides. The excitement to get the people on the ride, the intensity to make sure they get a thrill and the nausea factor to make sure they don’t throw up, but when they throw up, that’s when you hire maintenance people who walk around cleaning stuff.

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