WCW / NWO Revenge Nintendo 64 Review

THQ’s second American release is a huge leap in graphics from the original “World Tour” Dozens of wrestlers from the NW0, WCW, Raven’s Flock, cruiser weights, heavyweights and some of which are made up for the game. The great thing about this game is it was back in WCW’s hay-day when it had talented wrestlers, like Jericho, Benoit, Malenko and Raven, more talent means more moves, more moves means more fun. The only real modes other than battle royals, and handicapped matches are a series of championship tournaments to go through in a specific weight / talent class. There are incredible looking arenas even with an isle to brawl in and weapons that you can pull from the crowd and bring into the ring. The unfortunate part about this game is that it is dated, and it moves very slowly compared to Wrestlemania2000 and No Mercy.

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