Mortal Kombat 4 Nintendo 64 Review

The very first 3D Mortal Kombat offers great graphics, new 3D worlds, the return of several fighters, tournaments, 2 on 2 kombat and much more. Scorpion, Goro, Reptile and others return to the game with a few new fighters, however the bad part is that all of the new characters have similar powers as the old characters that were not in the game. Another bad part is that unlike the past few Mortal Kombat games is that this game is very quick to beat and it lacks challenge. To make up for it though, there are the most awesome fatalities of any game, such as Scorpion’s very realistic fire, the spinal removal from Sub Zero with a total 3D effect and Liu Kang’s throwing his opponent straight toward the camera. Each fighter now has weapons as well to add flavor to the fight.

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