GameShark Pro Nintendo 64 Review

Ever get tired of playing a video game? Just get a Gameshark! This product lets you use it to enter codes into any game to modify it. Extra lives, extra equipment, unlimited this or that, and anything you want. With the Gameshark and its codes, you enter the codes once, and the Gameshark saves them so that you do not have to ever type them again. Plus the Gameshark comes with 1000s of codes for 100s of games already preloaded on it! If you get tired of entering codes, then there is something on the back of the shark that lets you hook it into your PC so you can type codes on your PC. The Gameshark includes with a video that shows you how to make your very own codes! Master hackers for games like WWF No Mercy and Star Wars Pod Racer have even made entire new levels and totally changed the game!

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