Rayman 2: The Great Escape Nintendo 64 Review

To start out, Rayman is this unique character, who has cool powers which he gains along his adventure to save his frog friend Globbox who is being held captive by pirates. It is a Mario type game with tougher bad guys and Rayman can throw balls of light at everyone. This game takes you to a whole new 3D world with a few dozens of levels, each huge and challenging. The challenges are full of puzzles, traps and monsters. It is a good game to improve problem-solving abilities. Despite the challenge they are all fun challenges that differ from level to level. Such as one level, you must fly through a tremendous lava tube, another you must ride a rocket through a twisting and turning pirate ship. Fun for younger ages and it will take about six months to beat. You may want to rent it before you buy it, but when you rent it you will be hooked.

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