Pokemon Snap Nintendo 64 Review

I know nothing about Pokemon, however I have learned with this game, and I had some fun while doing it! This is the first game to bring the Pokemon to life in their true 3D habitat as you ride in a little car taking pictures of the Pokemon. There are only six levels, each with about 15 or 20 Pokemon in each. The Pokemon each have their little powers and when they get together they fight or do little dances. The game moves a little slow because you are stuck in a car that is moving along a track, but there are items you get later in the game to speed up the car and to help you get better pictures, like sneeze balls, apples to feed them, a flute. Parents should even play this game to learn the Pokemon names and habits to better understand their children’s interests. This would be a five star game, however there were only about 60 Pokemon and not all of the original 150.

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