Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64 Review

Is it me or is this game really boring, repetitive commentary, pointless competitions, no advancement for beginners to masters, and even the “fun” little party games are quick and boring. There are several parts to the game, the challenge road where you go through six Pokemon categories each getting more difficult. There is the freestyle where you battle against other Pokemasters or your friends. There are even nine party games which get old very fast. You are supposed to use your own Pokemon from your Game Boy pack, but there is a way to cheat by using the rental Pokemon which comes with all 150 Pokemon (instead of having to earn them). Even children get bored quickly of the game. There is a good part to the Pokemon Stadium package, it comes with a piece of hardware that lets you play your Game Boy on the N64. This also is not a RPG like the Pokemon Game Boy games are.

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